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Feature Films
Jun 28, 2010 Alexander Hall
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It's "Never the twain shall meet" time again, this time in London's Limehouse district. George Raft stars as Harry Young, a half-caste saloonkeeper who shelters beleaguered white girl Toni (Jean Parker) from her tormentors (shades of Broken Blossoms). Harry falls in love with the girl, but mixing of the races was still a Hollywood no-no in 1934, so tragedy results -- except for Toni, who finds happiness in the arms of Eric Benton (Kent Taylor), a man of "her own kind." The...
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Topics: Yellowface Casting, Anna May Wong, George Raft, Jean Parker, Alexander Hall
Silent Films
Apr 27, 2010 Alan Dwan
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Original Silent released in 1929 with music
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Topics: Fairbanks, Silent, Alan Dwan